Health and Mindset is the two subjects I provide support on to subscribers.  Open to all and will reply to all with the hard truths that we all know we need but most times never receive. At the beginning of my transition from the 95% to 5%, it was clear to me that majority of young people in this generation lack the support from their peer group to pursue their dreams because either their peers are uneducated in that area or they are in different phases in life and do not share common views in the matter. This can have a negative impact on one’s mindset and can lead to them questioning their purpose and motivation towards their vision.

The intent behind Health and Mindset is to provide those positive hard truths and support to all subscribers messages. I believe it is those on a similar path in life or that share common views that can provide the guidance and feedback we desire from friends and family without the emotion.

I will achieve this through providing daily motivational posts through my blog and through subscribers commenting and applying through the contact page for individual private support.


I envisage to provide:

  • Individual Mentoring / Counselling
  • Group Mentoring
  • Workplace Positive Mindset training
  • Positive Mindset Coaching
  • Positive Mindset Workshops
  • Public Speaking

For more information, please use the contact page and state your request.


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