My Health and Mindset journey!!

Health And Mindset Shift!!!

To see change you must change.

Today marks the completion of the first week of my 30 day Health and Mindset SHIFT.

My business partner Casey decided it would be a great idea to use me as a guinea pig and document the SHIFT in my mindset whilst implementing a new training and nutrition regime to my life.

Where the mind goes the body will follow – Arnold Schwarzenegger 

I have moved states in Australia, moved house, had a change in family status, started a new job, started a new business, started a new nutrition and fitness regime and started a blog and a social media footprint. So it is safe to safe there has been a dramatic SHIFT in my life over the last two months already, so what better way to observe the difference in my health and mindset through this 30 day program set by my business partner from Muscle Art Personal Training.

Week One complete

What did this week consist of? Well it was like drinking from a fire hose! 

I started my new job, which encompassed an hour transit to and from and a full day of work Monday to Friday. Some would say I have now become apart of the 95% trading time for money and accepting the norm of what work and jobs look like.

It was the first week of my new diet and training program and I tell you what! I have never felt so healthy in my life. I for some reason have fallen in love with soda water, as I can no consume soft drink. It has become my glass of coke and 5 small portion meals of chicken, mince, egg, vegetables and almonds etc have become my chips and chocolate and takeaway food.

I search for the humour in everything I do which assists me in maintaining a positive mindset, so I look at all this healthy food and say to myself, it could be worse. 

I guess it was overwhelming at the beginning of this new life, new journey I have started but I know everything happens for a reason and it will be a positive result at the end.

So what are the key points I have learnt or seen change in:

  • Consistency in anything you do is vital for success
  • You will face negative/down times in life. It is how we choose to respond is what shapes the outcome of our future path
  • Eating healthy is not expensive for all those naysayers out there. For optimum nutrition avg $7 a day with the Heath products I consume
  • You need to remind yourself daily why you are doing what you are doing. If you don’t, you will find excuses to not complete that rep or eat that meal for example
  • Utilising your time outside of your full time work hours to work on your fortune and personal development is a great way to keep your mind active and healthy along with finding ways to grow and move forward

These points to me are what I already knew however became more apparent to me during my SHIFT in the first week of this program. 

Throughout my journey I will be posting blogs so you can be apart of my journey and to see the change. 

If you are wanting to live a healthier happier lifestyle with the mindset to accomplish any task set in your way, contact me through this page and allow me to help you achieve more.


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