Moving Forward Slowly

What does success look like?

  1. Is it the fast luxury cars?
  2. Is it the big mansion on the beach?
  3. Is it a billion dollar company?
  4. Is it owning your own Sports team? 
  5. Or is it simply being happy?

There are numerous answers to the question that we as individuals would decide is correct and the only right answer, is your own.

To me, the term “success” has fluctuated multiple times over the course of 4 years and I believe it will continue to slightly evolve as time goes on as we continue to grow and learn.

I am an advocate for personal development and growth. I love the idea of learning something new. I love the idea of helping others achieve more. So for me to define success or to tell others what success looks like or should look like, I would be lying if I said I knew the answer. 

Success is a broad term for a reason. You get to create it! 

To Me the look of success can be summarised to one phrase.

“To never have to say no” – Curtis Tofa

I will seek to shed more light on my views on this topic and many others revolving around lifestyle, mindset and health.

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Have a lovely weekend.


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